"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"


Damn Sumner is a married mother of one with a passion for fantasy, erotica, and romance novels. Most, if not all, of her novels will be a variation of the three. Writing offers her an escape from reality! She welcomes you to join her on journey of lust, love, and new worlds with beloved characters in all her works of art!


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A man with a dark past.

A girl in deadly peril.

Vennik and Rebecca hail from two different worlds. A twist of fate brings them together.

A beast.

A monster.

Vennik's secrets are even darker than Rebecca could have imagined. Can she come to accept him for what he is? Can he allow himself to be loved by this beauty? And what of the emerging figure that threatens them both?

In order to save his future, Vennik must face his past.

Sneak Peak of my Current Work in Progress:

I limped towards the house. I didn’t live in the main house but resided in the basement. There was a side door just to the left of the main entrance that I was to use at all times. I struggled for a moment to open the heavy wooden door.


When it finally opened, I limped down the narrow staircase. Below, stuffed between said staircase and a small space heater, was where I slept most nights.

The space heater didn’t work of course. There was no electricity. There hadn’t been in many years, since before my time. We were not allowed electricity in the human cities. Only those in the Other were allowed.


The Other was basically a wall. It stretched from sea to sea, splitting the land in half. Or so I have heard. I have never seen this mystery wall nor have I ever laid an eye on an Otherlander, one who resided on the opposite side of said wall.

The Otherlander’s were rumored to be vicious, monster like creatures. Some were said to have an abnormal desire for our blood. Others were said to possess strength enough to snap a person clear in half. No human, as far as I was aware, had ever been allowed into the Other. Not even the Breeders were allowed. They were taken to a small village that lay a few feet from the border.


Again, all of this information was simply a rumor, things I had heard in passing. Mistress held many books on the subject, but I was not allowed to read. I tried, once. I do not recall much of that day thanks to the blow against the side of my face I had received. I still bare a jagged scar just beneath my hair line from it.

(I hope to be finished with this one by the end of the year. If I'm lucky, maybe before?)

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A Bit About Me

Writing for me has always been about escaping reality. Born and raised in Georgia, I grew up impoverished, surrounded by scenes no child should ever have to witness. Not to mention I am the middle child of four. Writing allowed me to escape to a new world, whimsical in nature. I truly loved to write and had dreams of being published.

Now I am married with a child of my own, living in the state of Mississippi. Even though most days are pretty hectic for me trying to juggle my home life and my work life, I am making my dreams come true!

I am a multi-genre fiction author that prefers to write in erotica, fantasy, and romance or a combination of any of the three. But you never know! I may decide to switch it up a bit! You will just have to follow me to find out!


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